About the Green Lantern Press

Founded in 2005, The Green Lantern Press is an artist-run, non-profit press focused on emerging or forgotten texts in order to bridge contemporary experience with historical form. We celebrate the integration of artistic mediums. We celebrate the amateur, the idealist and those who recognize the importance of small independent practice. In a cultural climate where the humanities must often defend themselves, we provide intimate examples of creative thought.

Dedicated to the “slow media” approach, the Green Lantern Press conceives each book as a   curatorial site;  small editions are printed with artist plates, ephemeral inserts and silk screen covers. We are efficient about the material we use, economic about our proportion and intent on local production.

To step beyond the bounds of a single book, the press is partnered with The Paper Cave — a for-profit bookstore — and The Corpse — a salon-style performance space ­— in order to support artists, writers, discourse and community. These relationships form alternative and sustainable models for the distribution and presentation of contemporary art.