Palm Trees

Nick Twemlow

Introduction by Robert Fernandez


“Like us, palm trees are imports, and seem to come from everywhere but here,” writes a reporter for the Los Angeles Times in an article lamenting the dying days of the once-ubiquitous palm trees of L.A. Named for those iconic imported exotics that flank the boulevards of America’s strangest city, Palm Trees is a collection of poems characterized by a revved-up, ruminative musicality, and it issues its swan song in a voice that channels the restless globalism of America in the new century. The poems shuttle from airport to boardroom, boardroom to living room, making the kind of foreboding observations that might issue from a drug-addled and paranoid Delphic Oracle.Within the larger edition of 500, 125 copies of Palm Trees come with silk screen dust jackets. Dust jacket copies are available for $20 (follow the link below), or you can pick up a regular copy for $15 by going here

Cover art by: Sonnenzimmer

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Nick Twemlow

NICK TWEMLOW lives with his family in Iowa City, where he writes and makes films. He also co-edits Canarium Books.