Phonebook 2007/2008

Cultural Writing. Art. Essays. Because a space heater and good friends can be a million times warmer than central heating and track lighting, PHONEBOOK is an invaluable, yet by no means exhaustive (yet) guide to America’s finest alternative artspaces. These are the galleries you are unlikely to find in your average tourist guide, the ones located in basements, in lofts, off of alleys, in suburban back yards. These are the movies Moviefone won’t tell you about and the lecture series you won’t find among your course guides. These are the places that will remind you why you liked this stuff … Read more



The Arts Administrator’s Sketchbook

Elizabeth Chodos

Kerry Schneider

Cultural Writing. Art. Just as an artist transposes an idea into a particular medium, so the curator of an exhibition must transpose an idea into an exhibition. Just as the artist’s sketches, revisions, and failures don’t usually¬† hang on the wall next to the finished project, it isn’t often we get to see a curator’s notebooks, memos, or emails. SKETCHES illustrates what curatorial ideas look like when they are forming. Green Lantern published this book with the hope that arts administrators could pick it up, flip through its pages and become inspired. It is also for non-arts administrators, so like … Read more